Four Components for Performance Marketers to Become Programmatic

How Embraced a Programmatic Strategy for its Performance Marketing Efforts Reaching a 120% ROI

Take full control over where, when, and how your ads run.

“Having control and visibility over where, when, and how our offers appear is not only paramount to the performance of our campaigns but to our bottom line as well”


Improve Your ROI up to 120%
The four components needed to bridge the gap for Performance Marketers to become Programmatic


Know the exact sites where your ads are being displayed, the precise consumers to whom your ads are being displayed, the exact price being paid, all related fees, and the impact these factors have on ROI.



Execute real-time bidding decisions on a far more granular level versus a simplified average pricing approach that is susceptible to manipulation by ad networks who bundle low (or x) value media with higher quality media to maximize their own profits.



Make all necessary adjustments to campaigns to maintain maximum ROI in a dynamic bidding environment vs. relying upon ad networks to make manual optimizations that slow the process down.



Through a programmatic partner relationship learn to test new ideas and see how they impact ROI - something that cannot be done through an ad network.


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