Performance Marketing Actually Performs

Marketers seek to take control over performance marketing programs

Although marketers today are empowered by an unprecedented amount of data at their disposal, it has become increasingly challenging to effectively correlate specific marketing campaigns to business success.
With the proliferation of devices, firms are now marketing to more channels than ever before. This makes it very difficult to truly know which marketing actions lead to which customer reactions. 
Performance marketing represents an opportunity for marketers to gain a deeper understanding into the otherwise murky waters and make their purchasing decisions accordingly.
A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by MediaAlpha

As it stands today, the challenge with performance marketing is that it still too often is purchased through opaque ad networks which do not provide sufficient campaign transparency. 
This leads to performance marketing underperforming in what should be its greatest strength: the ability to give marketers greater knowledge and transparency into their campaigns.
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Key Findings from the Report


Performance marketing is still widely sold through ad networks, which leads to a lack of transparency and a diminished ability to tie success back to business metrics



Many firms are missing an opportunity to accurately measure the impact of their performance campaigns, and don’t understand it’s programmatic potential.



Firms that are using performance marketing are seeing a large number of benefits in these three areas: marketing ROI, positive customer experiences, and the ability to track metrics. 
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