Esurance Improves Monetization with MediaAlpha

Esurance has established itself as a leader in innovation and forward thinking within the insurance industry. Living up to its mission to create and provide Insurance for the Modern World®, Esurance is once again leading the way with an innovative approach to provide consumers with the best and most flexible choices for all their insurance needs.

For the last 6 years, Esurance has been serving ads of other insurance carriers directly on This innovative new approach, which also aligns with the Company’s “CoverageMyWay” program, delivers multiple quote alternatives for consumers when they visit the site. The result for consumers is a better experience and a more efficient way to receive multiple quotes and select the best policy. The results are also positive for Esurance, creating a new and robust revenue source via advertising that has minimal impact to conversion rates.

The growth and success of this program is a direct result of a strong partnership between Esurance and MediaAlpha. Esurance uses MediaAlpha’s technology platform to power and manage the program with its advertisers. The combination of Esurance’s innovative, forward thinking strategy and MediaAlpha’s sophisticated exchange technology has forged a winning strategy that is delivering significant impact within the insurance sector.

MediaAlpha’s exchange technology platform has been instrumental to the success of this program helping to improve monetization by over 30%.

Their sophisticated real-time demand management and yield optimization tools help Esurance manage the ad process and maximize inventory yield. The platform also empowers Esurance’s advertisers with valuable tools to develop customized campaigns, optimize performance and improve ROI.

“The MediaAlpha Exchange Platform expands the breadth of advertisers on, leading to dramatic improvements in monetization and click-through rates. Its easy-to-use tools have streamlined processes, helping to increase efficiency and free up time and resources for other critical activities. And the MediaAlpha advertising platform provides our advertiser partners with sophisticated, real-time tools to optimize bidding strategies and improve performance.”

Tolithia Kornweibel, VP Customer Experience, Esurance

Download our case study to learn more about how Esurance is utilizing the MediaAlpha platform to improve customer experience and monetize online shoppers.